A Bit About Me

Rob La Raus

Friendly, Experienced Math Tutor

I taught math in public high schools for 13 years, helping students earn credit and graduate whether they were white or black, tall or short, rich or poor, etc. I am fascinated by the amazing patterns seemingly “hidden” within math and am always excited to help students discover them, too, setting up A-ha! moments that will never be forgotten.

I listen carefully, ask questions using words you already know, and use humor to help you feel comfortable so new learning can really sink in. I also provide memory tricks to help students get what they’ve learned front and center when they need it! For instance, my students can tell you not only why there is no such thing as subtraction, but why there is no such thing as division, either. 😊 (Rest assured, they can also subtract and divide!)

How can I help…?

PS See below for some feedback from past students:

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